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Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Writing a Good Sports Card eBay Description

eBay is one of the best online stores where you can list and sell your sports cards. However, people do not always set up the best ads for their sports cards and that is why we have to look at writing a good sports card eBay description. The way you describe your product helps a lot of people to know more about your sports cards and eventually attract more potential buyers.

Writing a Good Sports Card eBay Description: Top 5 Tips to Sell Better 

So, what are some of the best ways to write a good eBay description that sells? Let’s check them out below.

1. Get to the point

Whenever you are writing a good sports card eBay description, you should always get to the point. We know that most people try to give a bit of history, but most buyers do not care. They already know what they want in sports cards for card unboxing.

Some of the information you should write in the description include the following;

  • Set name
  • Year
  • Player name
  • Card number
  • Condition
  • Sport 

You can also add other important notes such as autographs, numbering, and more.

You don’t have to make your description fancy. Writing a good sports card eBay description is all about clarity. A clear and easy-to-read product description promotes confidence and makes buyers trust the pack of cards you’re selling.

2. Be honest

It might be tempting to be dishonest when selling your sports cards for card breaking, but that is not advisable and you might end up driving away potential clients. Whenever a client notices some dishonesty, the client will know there is more dishonesty behind what is visible.

As much as disclosing some flaws with the cards can lead to low bids, most customers will appreciate an honest seller. In the future, someone else can be referred to you when you have better sports cards up for sale. Your reputation on eBay can speak volumes, so keeping it clear of dishonest transactions or descriptions make it easier for you to sell other products later.

3. Never exaggerate or overhype your product

When writing a good sports card eBay description for potential card unboxing enthusiasts, it’s easy for you to end up overhyping the product. As a result, you’ll end up scaring away potential buyers. Those who go online looking for sports cards already know what they want. Each time you overhype the pack of cards, any enthusiast will know.

If you are clear and direct, it’s easy for the buyer to know what type of cards you have. With this information, they can decide if they want the product or not or even deal with you in the future.

4. Use the right pictures of your sports cards

Writing A Good Sports Card eBay Description

This should be obvious, but people tend to post their listings with the worst images you can imagine. As part of writing a good sports card eBay description, you need clear and high-quality pictures to accompany the listing.

We now have smartphones with the best camera quality, so it should be easy for you to take clear photos of the sports cards you want to sell. You can also always invest in a good scanner. Most scanners are under $100 and a good scanner can help you have clear and sharp pictures of the cards you are selling.

5. Set out clear shipping terms

Clear shipping terms help a person know what to expect with your service. It is why you need to take a few minutes to include this information in the description. 

We know that eBay will have a field for adding the shipping rate, but a clear description of how the product will be shipped helps a lot with transparency.


With the guide above, we have highlighted the tips for writing a good sports card eBay description for you to sell your sports cards better. With the right description, it will also be easier for you to gain reputation and popularity on eBay, and this always leads to more sales.

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