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Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

How To Group Break As A Newcomer

If you are new to card breaking, then you might not be sure about the difference between group breaking and case breaking. For someone who is unsure of the difference, we make the distinction clear in this guide as we look at how to group break as a newcomer. Whether you are looking at it as a new hobby or just a bit curious about the whole concept, the information we give you in this guide will be enough to get you started in collecting cards.

How to Group Break as a Newcomer: Card Breaking Terms

First, let’s see what the terms group breaking and case breaking mean below.

Group breaking

For group breaking, multiple people contribute to purchase a spot or slot. The aim of the contributions from each member is to help split the costs of purchasing the case from the host.

Case breaking

Still under how to group break as a newcomer for sports cards, we find the term case breaking. Case breaking is the event when the host will break one or several cases. The host can also open the packs for those who bought as a group too.

How to Group Break as a Newcomer: The Different Types

Under this section, we seek to understand the various types of group breaking and case breaking. Once you understand how to group break as a newcomer, you can start enjoying the potential benefits of the hobby. Here are the common types.

Team Break

For a team break, a user will purchase the spot only meant for a single team. This means you only receive cards meant for a specific team that you chose. For this reason, this type is also called a “Pick Your Team break” or PYT break.

A PYT break is appealing to most people who are team collectors. These collectors only pay a fraction of the cost for these hobby cards. They also avoid having to deal with the unwanted cards of a rival team or teams. Depending on the team set, some spots might have more cards than others do. As such, the team prices will vary a lot.

Random Team Break

Another term important to understand when learning how to group break as a newcomer is a Team Break. The random team break is for those who like surprises. When you purchase a team, you will not know the actual selection until the breaking happens.

The breaker works by inputting the list of team names together with each person that bought the spot. What follows is a game of chance; once the teams are randomized, each person gets the corresponding team, depending on the spot number. If you were assigned the number 28, then you will win cards for the random team number 28.


Team Draft Break

Sometimes you might hear this being referred to as a Snake Draft. It works similarly to a Random Team Break as the names are still randomized. However, the names are randomized to help determine who gets to draft or pick a team. Once you all purchase the slots, you then gather into a room for the team draft. As likely as it is that you might not get your favorite team, the prices for the draft are the same for all the members.

Divisional Break

If you want to go deep in learning how to group break as a newcomer and be successful in live card unboxing, you’ll have to understand how a Divisional Break works. This type of break is set up as the PYT break mentioned above. It is ideal for those looking to dip their hands in different teams from different divisions, which is where the term is derived from.

Although there might be additional methods for group card breaking, those mentioned above are the most common. Below are some additional factors you should consider to get the best breaking style before making the purchase.

  • What determines the price of each team slot?
  • Will you still pay for shipping?
  •  What will happen if you do not get a hit in a break?
  • Will you end up with any inserts?
  • What does the host consider as a hit?

Blez is your best option for learning more about sports cards and group breaking. At Blez, we also have a large collection of sports cards for sale that any enthusiast would want. Join us for one of our live unboxings so that you can learn more about card breaking.

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