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Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

COMC or eBay for Buying Sports Cards

For a long time, eBay seemed to be the only place to buy sports cards online. Right now, sports card enthusiasts have the option of COMC or eBay for buying sports cards.

With the common problems associated with buying products from eBay, there was the need to have a better marketplace. It is why today we compare COMC vs. eBay to see which one would give you the best options for card breaking.

COMC or eBay for Buying Sports Cards: The Comparison

Putting these two companies head to head requires understanding of what each has to offer for buying the best sports cards. Some of the factors affecting your decision will include selection, pricing, organization, and shipping.

 Sports Cards Selection

Put yourself in the mind of a card collector; will it be COMC or eBay for buying sports cards? For many, the answer is likely to be eBay. It has been around for 20 years now meaning it has a huge selection for any card breaking enthusiast to consider as well as a built up reputation. You will also get the high-end cards in addition to new releases easily on eBay.

This is not to say COMC is not worth checking out. COMC also has its fair share of rarities, but many would not consider it as their first option.

When comparing COMC or eBay for buying sports cards for card unboxing, the large audience of eBay should be a major factor. Since millions use eBay daily, it will likely be easier to find major cards on eBay than other places. More audience on an online store always means more selection options for you.

The Pricing On Sports Cards

For a long time, eBay has been the right place to learn more about the prices of sports cards. If you have seen similar cards on COMC, you would want to confirm with prices on eBay to see who is cheaper.

When deciding on COMC or eBay for buying sports cards for sports cards breakers, we have to look at the bidding strategies. Yes, both companies offer the option of bidding on a product to get the best price.

eBay was always the best destination for many who wanted to bid on sports cards, but that is changing. As much as there is the option of bidding on products, the platform is moving towards the fixed price option.

COMC too has the bidding options, but the platform is also implementing the fixed price idea. Once the seller posts the cards with their price, you simply buy without haggling.

Website Organization

How the website is organized is the biggest difference when comparing COMC or eBay for buying sports cards.

Starting with eBay, merchants post their listings the way they want. As a result, you end up with multiple listings containing errors. It makes it hard to find the best product that you need in the shortest time possible. You may have to go through several irrelevant listings before getting what you need.

Under this section, COMC is the clear winner. This is because every sports card will be cataloged with a blanket standard. It makes it easier for anyone to find what they need. The best part is that you can compare prices of similar cards on the website.

Additionally, the picture quality on COMC is better than what you get on eBay. Anyone buying sports cards would want to have a clear understanding of how the cards look from the image.

Sports Cards Shipping

Another crucial factor when considering COMC or eBay for buying sports cards is the shipping cost. There was a time when things were simple on eBay when it came to shipping. However, right now there is so much inconsistency in shipping rates when buying on eBay. It seems like eBay also wants to take a cut of the shipping fee.

Things are simpler when shipping from COMC. This is because they have everything listed on their website ready in the warehouses. As a result, the shipping rate can remain consistent. For standard shipping, it starts from $3, which is quite reasonable.

The only downside of COMC shipping is that it takes longer than what you get with eBay sellers. It comes down to personal preference. If you are in a major rush, then eBay might be your ideal stop.

If you still wish for more after considering COMC or eBay for buying sports cards, then consider checking out Blez. We are a large eCommerce store selling sports cards in different categories. We also do a live unboxing of these sports cards on the website daily. Check out one of our unboxings!

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