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Blez Sports Cards | Breaking on multiple channels every day! | Visit us live!

Choosing the Best Trading Card Supplies

For someone who deals in sports cards, you need to take some time and learn about choosing the best trading card supplies. The supplies we want to look at today are those that help with the storage of your valuable cards. It is crucial that you get the best cardholders depending on dimensions and thickness.

Here are the best options you’ll have for trading your card collection and protecting the cards from damage.

Choosing the Best Trading Card Supplies: Storage Options for Individual Cards

Trading Card Sleeves

Also known as penny sleeves, trading card sleeves are an effective and inexpensive option for you to store your cards. You can use them to store cards with varying thicknesses up to 60 pt. They are also often used alone or in combination with a toploaders.

Once the sleeves are set up with the cards, they can now be set up in a box to protect the cards even further. As far as you’re concerned about storing cards for card breaking, sleeves are important to always have on hand.


Toploaders are individual plastic cardholders with varying degrees of rigidity and they are as essential as penny sleeves. They also come in several thicknesses to accommodate bat barrel cards, patch, and memorabilia.

Toploaders can also be ideal for displaying your collections without exposing your sports cards to unnecessary wear.

Card Savers

With penny sleeves or toploaders, your sports cards are likely to face corner damage. It is why it is important to consider card savers when choosing the best trading card supplies for your sports cards. 

Card savers are better for storing your vintage cards without chances of damage. Enthusiasts love them because they’re generally easy to use and affordable.

Magnetic Holders

Magnetic holders are easier to open and close and with them, setting up your cards becomes even simpler. These magnetic holders are perfect for protecting sports cards against the sun’s UV rays. By using magnetic holders, you can ensure that your sporting cards and autographs don’t fade until the next card unboxing event.


Ever since the introduction of relic cards and memorabilia, choosing the best trading card supplies has become more crucial because enthusiasts need something to safely display their sports card collection. 

Well, snap-tight cardholders are your best bet. They’re designed to have different thicknesses and can hold cards from 30pt to 300pt. They’re also easy to use. As the name suggests, the holders simply snap together to hold the card.

Display Stands

Once you have the cards in toploaders, sleeves, or snap-tights, you’ll need a display stand to show them off. A display stand can be placed in a cabinet, shelf, or anywhere you always want to be reminded of your favorite sports cards. Depending on preference, display stands can be horizontal or vertical.

Choosing the Best Trading Card Supplies: Top Options for Bulk Storage

Team Bags

If you want to store several sports cards for later card breaking events, then team bags can be an ideal way to do so. These are self-adhesive envelopes made of plastic material and they mostly hold up to 20 cards. Some card collectors use them as card sleeves or toploaders.


Albums have been used for a long time to hold sports cards. Albums are expensive though, so you might want to take your time to check out the best album options on the market. They are, however, the best way to keep and display your cards. Most card collectors love them because they make organizing cards easier.

Storage Boxes

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to choosing the best trading card supplies. You can simply get the best storage boxes in your area. They are usually large as they can hold from 100 to 5000 cards. 

Most would be made of corrugated cardboard or plastic materials, but you can go a mile further and get wooden boxes for a custom storage box.

From the various trading card supplies mentioned above, it should be easy for you to pick the right one depending on your needs. Always take the time to compare the various options before choosing the best trading card supplies to store your sports cards.

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